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Fire & Evacuation Drill | Best Practices

The primary purpose of a building fire & evacuation drill is to ensure building occupants know how to respond to building fire incidents, and other building emergencies, with an emphasis on familiarity with building’s evacuation routes and procedures. Fire & Evacuatio...

Natural Disasters Hurricane Preparedness

The 2017 hurricane season will enter its 2nd, and most active, half on September 1st. By definition, the U.S. Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1st and ends November 30th. On May 25, 2017, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) indicated an above-normal or near-normal 2017 hurricane season is most likely.

Water Metering Concepts & Applications

Water exemplifies a precious natural resource to the commercial real estate industry.  Its availability has constraints and the cost of water is increasing in most U.S. regions at a significant rate.  Local water-sewer treatment costs are also increasing at rates higher than general inflation.  Water conservation is more important than ever to commercial real estate owners and operators.

Emergency Procedures – Elevator Entrapment

An effective elevator preventive maintenance program will reduce the occurrence of elevator entrapments through pro-active identification of potential problems.  A critical element in preventive maintenance is the early identification of elevator operational issues, such as elevator car floor not level with the lobby floor and door malfunctions.

Electricity Purchasing

Electricity deregulation affords commercial real estate owners with options regarding the supplier of this energy commodity.  Deregulation provides an open competitive marketplace from which multiple energy companies can compete for the energy business of commercial real estate owners. Electricity Purchas...

Tenant Emergency Procedures Pamphlet

A Tenant Emergency Procedures Pamphlet provides building occupants with readily available, easy to read, basic procedures that can be implemented should a building emergency occur.  While information technology has led to the production and sharing of landlord-tenant documents in electronic format, a hard copy, well-presented pamphlet offers an effective emergency preparedness training tool.

Tenant Transition – Move In Checklist

The process of transitioning a company into the investment property or corporate facility typically involves sequencing and documentation of specific events, coordination and input from multiple entities - departments, and timely deadlines. Incorporating the construction aspects of leased premises adds to the complexity of details and property owner - landlord obligations.  

Project Management – Mechanic’s Lien Waiver & Release Administration

A mechanic’s lien is security interest in the title to property for the benefit of a contractor or supplier who has provided labor or materials that improve the property.  A lien to the property can apply to both real property (the building) and personal property (data, telephone system & furniture).  One example of a lien routinely encountered by commercial property owners is a len...

Water-Based Systems & Equipment Leak Assessment & Prevention

Preventing water leaks begins with a broad assessment and determination of base building and leased premises water-based systems and equipment having the potential to leak as a result of system or equipment degradation, component failure, human error, and weather-related effects.  The assessment will consider the system’s location and supporting infrastructure in place as it relates to the like...

Operating Expense (OPEX) Escalation Groups

In a modified gross lease, an increase in the property’s operating expenses, above the tenant's base year, is escalated as additional rent to the tenant at their proportionate share. Escalation operating expenses have routinely been assembled into two classifications (groups) Download the rest of the article in PDF format -

Legionella Assessment & Prevention Program

Legionella is a pathogenic group of bacteria comprising the series pneumophilia, which can cause legionellosis, including a pneumonia-type illness called Legionnaires’ disease and a mild flu-like illness called Pontiac fever. Legionella can be transmitted by the operation of water-based systems that generate air-borne mists capable of conveying the Legionella cells to humans...

Percentage Rent

The percentage rent concept is routinely applied in certain commercial retail lease agreements including tenant leases at shopping malls, mixed-use development projects, and other retail shopping centers. Although percentage rent is most common in consumer product and service leases, it can also be applied in other lease agreements, such as a parking facility operator lease. Do...