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Electricity Demand Concepts & Applications

The measurement of base building and tenant-specific equipment electricity consumption, through sub-meter applications, is increasing in importance within the commercial real estate industry. With a continued emphasis in energy initiatives, such as Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design - LEED, “how much and when we use energy” is becoming even more important to the real estate manage...

Public Water Utility Sub-Meters: Cooling Tower & Irrigation System Applications

Water represents a precious natural resource to the commercial real estate industry. Its availability has constraints and the cost of water is increasing, at a significant rate, in all U.S. regions. Local water-sewer treatment costs are also increasing at rates higher than general inflation.

Building Rules & Regulations

The Buildings Rules and Regulations document is typically included as an exhibit in the landlord-tenant lease. The purpose of Building Rules and Regulations is to afford a broad set of governing rules that provide tenants, visitors, and contractors with property owner’s policies for tenant and contractor activities conducted at the building.  

Janitorial Day Porter Services – Best Practice

For office buildings and multi-use premises having considerable occupancy, to support the operating expenses and benefits associated with a cleaning day porter position, a thoughtfully planned and detailed service specification will enhance building cleanliness, visual appearance, and the overall tenant-customer experience.