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Janitorial Services | Day Porter Specification Template

A strategic janitorial day porter specification solution incorporates servicing of building entrances, main lobby, and elevators, prior to morning occupancy, and the customers’ path along these areas. Janitorial Services - Day Porter Specification Template...

Mechanic’s Lien Waiver & Release Administration

A mechanic’s lien is security interest in the title to property for the benefit of a contractor or supplier who has provided labor or materials that improve the property. A lien to the property can apply to both real property (the building) and personal property (data, telephone system & furniture).

Emergency Procedures | Gas Leak

A gas leak is one of several building emergencies the property management team should plan for as a key element in the organization’s life safety program. Like other building incidents, the emergency response team’s effective response is significantly enhanced through preparation, including identifying and labeling the location of building utility shut off valves.

HVAC Operations – Chilled Water & Hot Water Reset

During lower demand cooling and heating conditions, the building’s central HVAC system - chiller and boiler plant - can operate at moderated reset temperatures, reducing energy and related operating costs. HVAC Operations - Chilled Water and Hot Water Reset   ...