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BuildingsOne Life Safety & Security Series comprises a set of documents and templates that incorporate building life safety and security concepts and applications, across a broad range of scenarios and incidents, potentially encountered at commercial office buildings. The majority of the series includes pre-formatted emergency procedures templates in order to prepare for a range of life safety crises that could occur at a commercial office building.

The Life Safety & Security Series documents and templates include emergency procedures templates for eleven emergency scenarios. The emergency procedures templates are outlined in a “scripted, step by step, recommended actions format”, with typical property positions – Property Manager | Security Manager | Chief Engineer (serving in an Emergency Response Team role) identified as the likely position responsible for completing recommended response actions.

While properties’ staff size and composition will vary, basic emergency response actions are identified and formatted in a way that facilitates individual modification to emergency team roles or response actions, if needed. The designed result is comprehensive, “well-thought out” emergency procedures, specific to the manager’s property. The emergency procedures templates also include important information, relative to the recommended proactive steps, in preparing for each crises and, for some operational programs, the steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood that an emergency occurs.

Life Safety & Security Series documents and templates available to BuildingsOne customers include:

Emergency Procedures – Bomb Threat | Bomb Incident {Word Template}

20 + page recommended emergency procedures for bomb threat and bomb incidents. Includes recommended response to Bomb Threat, Unidentified and Suspicious Package, Explosive or Incendiary (Detonation) Device, and Explosion – Detonation

Emergency Procedures – Civil Disturbance {Word Template}

6 page recommended emergency procedures in response to a civil disturbance with a focus on the identification and subsequent planning for potential civil disturbances. Includes recommended pre-emptive security and communication procedures upon identification of a potential civil disturbance.

Emergency Procedures – Elevator Entrapment {Word Template}

5 page emergency procedures including the key steps in responding to an elevator entrapment. Includes advice on the importance of an effective elevator maintenance program, and elevator communication system, in order to reduce, and improve response to, elevator entrapments.

Emergency Procedures – Fire {Word Template}

11 page scripted emergency procedures with an emphasis on the education and training, of emergency response team and building occupants, in building fire and evacuation procedures. Pre-formatted with ’cues’ for procedures modification dependent upon the size of the building, the local fire department’s approved pre-fire plan and occupant fire safety and evacuation code requirements.

Emergency Procedures – Fuel Leak {Word Template}

5 page emergency response procedures with advice on the installation of automatic leak detection and shut-off valves, identification and labelling of system isolation shut off valves and installation of containment systems of fuel oil storage systems.

Emergency Procedures – Gas Leak {Word Template}

4 page emergency procedures with an emphasis on preparation including installation of automatic leak detection and shut-off valves and the identification and labelling of system isolation shut off valves.

Emergency Procedures – Medical Emergency {Word Template}

3 page emergency procedures for a medical emergency occurring at a property.

Emergency Procedures – Natural Disaster | Severe Weather Emergency {Word Template}

11 page recommended emergency procedures for Natural Disasters and Severe Weather Emergencies including: Flood | Hurricane | Tornado | Earthquake. Emergency scenarios are scripted in 3 phases: Planning for the Emergency | During the Emergency | Following the Emergency.

Reference is made to several federal agency web-sites that provide helpful information in responding to natural disaster and severe weather emergencies: and

Emergency Procedures – Power Loss {Word Template}

5 page emergency procedures document with recommended steps in responding to a disruption in building electricity (electrical system or equipment failure) or an area-wide electrical power outage. The procedures have an emphasis on the planning stage including the identification, understanding and documentation of the building’s normal and emergency (generator) electrical distribution system.

The priority, during the emergency response, is personnel safety; in particular, responding to potential elevator entrapments and the re-setting of building electrical circuit breakers.

Emergency Procedures – Security Incident {Word Template}

12 page emergency procedures with suggested actions prior to, and during, a building security incident. Includes the following security related emergencies: Physical Threat | Intruder | Hostage | Assault Active Shooter. Reference is made to the Department of Homeland Security web-site: with helpful information and educational documents pertaining to workplace safety & security.

Emergency Procedures – Water Leak | Water System Rupture {Word Template}

11 page scripted emergency procedures with an emphasis on preparation including the identification and labelling of water system isolation shut off valves.

Fire & Evacuation Drill – Best Practice {PDF Document}

16 page document that provides industry-leading, best practice policies and procedures, pertaining to the planning, communication, execution, evaluation and documentation of a building fire & evacuation drill. The document provides insight into a building owner’s legal requirements, five essential phases of an effective fire drill program, and a representative timeline of requirements and activities, in support of the fire drill facilitators and fire wardens, conducting a building fire & evacuation drill. Fire Warden Training Seminar parameters and details are also reviewed.

Fire & Evacuation Drill – Forms Package {Excel Template}

4 customized templates to support the building’s life safety team in planning and organizing an effective and legally compliant fire & evacuation drill. The following forms are included in the multi-tab template:

  1. Fire & Evacuation Drill Checklist. A checklist, of administrative and operational requirements, in preparing for, conducting, and documenting a fire & evacuation drill.
  2. Fire & Evacuation Drill Tenant Scheduling Memo. Structured memo language enhances fire drill legal compliance. Includes scheduling of the Fire Warden Training Seminar.
  3. Fire & Evacuation Drill Evaluation Form. 2 customized templates, for the (lead) Fire Drill Facilitator and Evacuation Assembly Area evaluators. Supports the building owner’s legal requirements for proper fire & evacuation drill review and documentation.
  4. Fire & Evacuation Drill Event Timeline. Includes recommended key steps in the fire & evacuation drill “day’s events”. To be used as a (scripted) planning & execution guide when conducting the building’s fire & evacuation drill.

Property Emergency Contact List {Excel Template}

3 tab Emergency Contact List workbook containing pre-formatted listing of Building Contractor and Services (Tab 1), Utilities & Local Municipal Services (Tab 2), and Federal Security & Emergency Agencies (Tab 3).

Security Contract Services | Request For Proposal – RFP {Word Template}

20 page standard Request for Proposal template, with language and terms specific to the security services industry (property security officers). Includes administrative prompts, and a basic RFP milestone | key date section, to help keep the proposal submission, review process, vendor selection and services transition on track.

Security Contract Services – RFP Bid Form {Excel Template}

1 page pre-formatted template that includes relevant information required in determining the security service provider’s labor hours, cost of labor and other resources, committed to the building’s security services program. Pre-formatted in order to auto-calculate total labor costs, contractor’s cost of regional resources and overhead, direct training & supplies costs and overall security cost per SF.

Security Services Positions – Duties & Responsibilities {Word Template}

6 page, pre-formatted word template comprising standard Duties & Responsibilities (Job Description) in the security services industry. Includes 50 ‘bullet point’ responsibilities from which to select. Dependent upon property owner | manager requirements, the menu of responsibilities would be appropriate for the following security program positions: Account Manager | Life Safety – Fire Safety Director | Security Shift Supervisor | Security Officer

Tenant | Occupant Emergency Procedures Pamphlet {Word Template}

1 page (“print on both sides”) document which, when folded along 2 edges, creates a Tenant Emergency Procedures Pamphlet. Includes the basic, abbreviated emergency response actions required of building occupants during any one of the emergency scenarios covered in this series.

The pre-formatted template can be modified with building-specific contact information and (optional) building photo on the front cover.