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We maintain the most comprehensive library of documents covering all core property operating and administrative practices that can be easily modified to suit the real estate manager's specific needs.

A principal objective of BuildingsOne is to offer commercial real estate professionals access to industry best practice templates and documents. The templates comprise approximately 70% of the library and offer subscribers word and excel-based forms, procedures, contracts, manuals, and workbooks. The templates can be readily modified to suit the manager’s or client’s specific requirements. The documents (pdf format) provide comprehensive and practical insight and procedures to properties’ conventional operational and administrative practices. BuildingsOne has invested considerable resources into the documents, templates and our web-based platform so that content is directly and readily accessible to the customer-subscriber.

Customers have access to over 100 documents and templates comprising over 700 pages of content. We continue to add and upgrade documents and templates based on customer feedback and changes in regulations or advances within the commercial real estate industry. Our emphasis will continue to be in core commercial real estate applications where there is interest in specific documents and templates. For more information on these services please fill out our contact form.

The Terms of Use Agreement permits the individual customer with full access to the BuildingsOne documents and templates library for a 1 year period. Although there is no obligation, the subscription can be renewed annually. There are no restrictions or limits, on the number of properties or clients, to which the customer utilizes the documents and templates. The license agreement is, however, an individual use license and not a license that permits sharing access to the web-site library, or sharing of documents and templates, with business colleagues or co-workers for their intended use.

The customer subscription rate is currently $0 per year.

BuildingsOne appreciates your business and we look forward to hearing from you.

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